Hi, and welcome to Fiction Writer’s Toolbox, a professional blog, for novelists and other fiction writers who want their writing life to be better organized and more productive.

I’m Bill Henderson, novelist, writing coach, and blogger, and my mission is to spotlight the best new writing tools as they roll out – everything from paper and pen to palmtop word processors. I remember when getting out your own clean copy of a novel could mean a solid week of hard labor at the Remington or Smith Corona, after which your back had fused into a block of concrete.

I remember when the revolutionary tools were Whiteout and the IBM Selectric.

I absolutely love what the digital era has brought us – if you’ve read this far, you know what I’m talking about. Of course, no tool in the universe can make you a better writer. For that I invite you to visit my other blog, Write a Better Novel.

I also love comments, at either blog. I’m happy to answer questions and I’ll be delighted if you want to plug a product or service, as long as, in some sense, it meets the definition of “writing tool.”

If you have an off line inquiry, you can reach me at bill@fictionwriterstoolbox.com

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