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If your desktop (physically and digitally) exists in a constant and eternal state of slovenliness, don’t despair, there’s a way out. Several, actually, but I’m going to spotlight the best two: Scrivener (Mac only) and Page Four (Windows only).

Scrivener is the one I’m familiar with (and use) because I do everything on either on old Macbook or newer iMac. But I have no problem suggesting Page Four because it’s wholeheartedly recommended by the Scrivener folks.

In both cases, these virtual writing project organizers have been designed BY writers, FOR writers.

Scrivener is amazing. You can squirrel away almost any type of file in its “Research” area–snippets of text, emails, website URLs, PDF documents, images, etc. See something you want to keep? Just select and drag it in. You’ll always know where it is, because it will always be in the same place–along with everything else in that particular project. And you’ll always be able to open it without leaving Scrivener–even if it’s a website. The files are copies of the originals, or course, so your back is always covered.

Your research is right at your elbow. Want to start a new chapter? You can plot it out with index cards in the cork board view (see above). Or use the outline view. Or switch back and forth.

When you’re ready, start typing your chapter in the “Draft” section–a new file automatically opens for it.

Want to export to Microsoft Word (or whatever word processing program you use)? Not a problem. I could go on, but you’ll learn more by going directly to “Literature and Latte” the home of Scrivener.

And Windows users, if you’re feeling a little left out of this little Scrivener love feast (isn’t that a strange feeling for you!) just click over to Page Four for what I’m sure is the equivalent experience.

Both Scrivener and Page 4 are bargain priced. Scrivener costs $39.95, Page Four, $34.95. Not bad for double or triple your productivity as a fiction writer.

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Stephen November 30, 2010 at 7:39 pm

They are bringing out a Windows and Linux version of Scrivener.

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